Professional landscaping is a competitive and dynamic industry. Spend only minutes in the phone book or searching the Internet and it can be overwhelming trying to differentiate one landscape company from the next. Everyone seems to claim they are the biggest, best, most accredited, and most professional. With so many choices, how do you choose the right landscape company for you?

A. GRIFFIN Lawn and Landscape LLC started with modest beginnings. In 1997, a young Aaron Griffin was considered by many to be “the neighborhood lawn boy” in a suburban Mequon subdivision. Using the family John Deere tractor and providing ‘lawn service with a smile,’ it was a small clientele of ten loyal clients where the story begins. “Early on I never realized the potential of owning a business. For me it was pretty simple – just the thrill of driving trucks and tractors (boys and their toys), and the satisfaction of having a happy customer was all it took to inspire something more. Now more than 10 years later, as I evaluate where we are as a business – I truly believe the values I learned such as hard work, attention to detail, and the ‘personal touch’ are what make us a successful company.”

The rest as they say, is history. “I remember when I had to upgrade from the family tractor and invested in my first commercial lawn mower, I was a freshman in high school. I went to the hardware store, bought some auto paint and actually touched up the pin stripes on the fenders. My friends and summer employees thought I was crazy, but I always said – when people see that we take exceptional care of our equipment, it tells them we take exceptional care of our clients too!”

Today, we are a full-fledged and fully capable landscape company with an inspiring past and promising future. We have an outstanding staff of well-experienced, hard-working professionals that share a passion and enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors. Our employees are career-minded, trained in-house, and certified in various specialities to deliver uncompromising quality workmanship, again and again. For us, every client and project becomes personal, and our people hold themselves to high standards. Bottom line, when your crew cares about the results as much as your client – someone is bound to be happy!

Over the years, the growth and development of A. GRIFFIN Lawn and Landscape LLC has been quite the adventure. We now have the capacity and experience to handle large- and small-scale projects, and we have accumulated an impressive portfolio and proven track record of satisfied clients! By the way, we still work with the original clients, only now we do a bit more than lawn service!